Descriptions of paintings by artists

Descriptions of paintings by artists

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What is the art of painting? Painting is a type of fine art, when an artist conveys various images on canvas with the help of bright, colorful paints. Sometimes these images in the paintings are absolutely sharp and clear - a beautiful landscape that allows the viewer to travel through space, a portrait of a beautiful girl, a still life of various colors or objects.

But there are paintings that depict a lot of images, each of which is designed to visually convey certain information to the viewer, or other paintings that are written in such a strange manner that the person who looks at them for the first time does not immediately realize what is painted there .

Our site will tell you about these paintings - a description of the paintings of great artists. Here you can read what the artist tried to convey to his viewer, what thought, emotion and feeling he put into his canvas, what he wanted to talk about, what he wanted to make you think about. After all, even, it would seem, the ordinary “Black Square” of Malevich - what's so complicated? But in fact, it has a deep meaning that will be available to anyone who reads the description of this strange picture.

The site contains descriptions of paintings by various artists - Russian and foreign, the Renaissance and Art Nouveau, but all these paintings are so beautiful that they affect the most hidden strings of the human soul. They delight and inspire, thrill with the talent of the artist and make the hearts tremble with delight.

Yes, you will not be able to see these paintings on the site, but you will read about them, you will be able to absorb the spirit of these paintings, and then, having come to the Tretyakov Gallery or the Hermitage, or any other museum where paintings are presented, you will look at these paintings by new, because now you will know what the artist wanted to convey to you.

Now, looking at the Kuindzhi's “Birch Grove” painting, you will not only see the stunning landscape, but also look at the strange dark silhouettes in the background of the painting, symbolizing that the most important thing in life is near you. And looking at Picasso's “The Boy with the Pipe”, you will find out an interesting story about the baby Louis from the poor quarter of Paris, who became friends with the artist.

Stories of writing paintings, their descriptions and explanations - all this will take you into the world of the unknown, interesting and beautiful. Therefore, visiting our site, you will definitely want to look it from cover to cover and absorb all the secrets that keep amazing pictures of the most outstanding artists in the world.

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