Description of the painting by Igor Grabar "Self-portrait"

Description of the painting by Igor Grabar

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Igor Emanuilovich Grabar painted his Self-Portrait in 1942.

By this time, he had gathered a whole series of paintings on this subject, among which are the well-known self-portrait of the artist with a palette in his hand, painted by him in 1934. A little later, in 1947, another masterpiece “Self-portrait in a fur coat” will be written. This is the dean of his later self-portraits.

In a 1942 painting, the artist portrayed himself against a dark background. The left side of the canvas is completely painted in shades

Brown color. And the right side of the canvas depicts a shadow of almost black.

The artist is dressed in a coat of rich brown color of a classic cut, under which you can see a toli collar of a jacket, a felted scarf of gray color. From under the outer clothing, you can see the collar of a white shirt fastened with all buttons. A blue tie completes the set.

The artist’s face is the same as in previous works, but is covered with many wrinkles.

He also remains true to his usual style - a small mustache adorns his face, glasses have the usual round frame of dark color.

Self-portraits are one of the artist’s many portrait works. He painted portraits of his wife and daughter.

Grabar is a very multi-faceted talented person, constantly improving. He is a genius in art, science, museum and restoration. Grabar is hardworking and assiduous, investing himself completely in the business with which he is engaged.

The artist was constantly looking for new picturesque techniques for depicting objects and people, so his last portraits are completely unlike his earlier works.

To date, the painting "Self-portrait", painted by the artist in 1942, Igor Emanuilovich Grabar is in Russia in the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

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