Description of the painting by Stanislav Zhukovsky "Snowdrops"

Description of the painting by Stanislav Zhukovsky

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The painting "Snowdrops" was painted by Stanislav Yulianovich Zhukovsky in 1911.

The artist was then in the Tver estate Milyukovs and snowdrops became the heroes of several of his works.

The picture shows the period of the end of winter and the beginning of spring, when the snow is melting, the rivers are filled to the brim with meltwater, and the plants tend to meet the warm rays of the sun.

In the foreground, the artist placed a small wooden box on the windowsill of a wooden window. It is filled with blooming, bright blue snowdrops, with juicy green leaves and stems bent in different directions. Some flowers seem to be turned towards each other, others reach for nature outside the window, and others seem to turn away from the sunlight.

Outside the window, a spring landscape with green firs and snow lying along ravines is depicted. In the foreground, right by the window, several tall birches and sprawling conifers grow. Right behind them is a view of a wide river and a large field, which still has a little white snow. A large field with green grass spreads far to the horizon and ends at the edge of the coniferous forest. The trees stand close to each other, resting their heads against the blue, slightly gloomy sky.

The landscape hardly shows the sky, but in all the details a window is shown through which it is visible. The brown window frame has a handle and a lower latch. The glass is clean and slightly fogged along the perimeter of the frame, and on the lower right of the window has two cracks.

Zhukovsky is extremely hardworking and in combination with his talent, this gave rise to incredibly bewitching and vibrant works.

To date, the picture of Stanislav Zhukovsky "Snowdrops" is in the Rybinsk State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum - Reserve.

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