Description of the painting by Edgar Degas "combing woman" (behind the toilet)

Description of the painting by Edgar Degas

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The painting by Edgar Degas The combing woman was praised by critics and rightfully belongs to his best works. She is a prime example of French impressionism. Artists in this direction sought to stop time in their painting. Edgar Degas goes further and captures the simplest, but such a plot understandable to the viewer.

The picture is dedicated to the most ordinary occupation, which every woman does several times a day. And this reads the style of Edgar Degas. He is not interested in staged scenes, but in all its manifestations of life. Together with the artist, we are as if spying on a woman who behaves easily and naturally. The heroine of the picture appears before us unvarnished, in all her natural charm.

The image of a combing woman was created by the artist with trepidation and thoroughness. Edgar Degas was admired by the beauty of the female body, and therefore he devoted the work under consideration to the depiction of natural femininity. The faces of the heroine of the picture we do not see. But then we can appreciate the grace of her figure. The woman is captured in an unnatural but effective pose. The artist gives photographs to his work. He manages to catch a specific moment in the process of combing. As a result, the picture does not look static.

The picture is made in soft, gentle colors. The lack of clear lines and contrasting transitions between different colors gives the work surrealism and a special atmosphere. The artist applies subtle shades of tones, enriches them with bright touches and only then sets the accents. Thanks to this, the plot of the picture acquires mystery and intimacy. Edgar Degas masterfully conveys every curve of the female body, demonstrating its charm. A clear line of the back, elastic breasts, amazing white skin - nothing is hidden from the eyes of a talented artist.

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