Description of the painting by Salvador Dali “Barcelona fashion model”

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali “Barcelona fashion model”

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Painting Barcelona fashion model refers to the early works of Salvador Dali. It is written in the spirit of surrealism and has all the symbols inherent in it and the artist's works. The picture is a silhouette of a woman. This is a fashion model, as evidenced by a spectacular pose. One hand is placed on the thigh, and the other falls down, revealing the beauty of the shoulder and the femininity of the forms.

The portrait of a woman is not uniform and consists of three silhouettes.

The image presented on the left is made in white and blue, which symbolizes inaccessibility. The silhouette of the dress covering the woman’s hand and her knee enhances the effect. A proudly raised head and characteristic lips, exposed to the spotlights, indicate that at the moment the model plays the role of a magnificent lady. This is a fashion model on the podium.

The image in the center appears with a different character. Contrasting colors compared to the first silhouette outline a slim figure in a red dress with a deep neckline, open hands and a short skirt. The line of stockings going from the dress to the shoe itself also gives some piquancy. The central image has gender symbols that are characteristic of the work of Salvador Dali. Pears instead of breasts represent voluptuousness, fish - sexuality, and an egg in the abdomen refers to the biblical motive of the revival of life. This is how others see a woman in ordinary life.

The third silhouette, located on the right, is a shadow cast by a fashion model. If light purposefully falls on the first figure, then this image, on the contrary, is hidden from prying eyes. In addition to the black outline and eloquent pose, this silhouette has no outlines of clothing or hairstyles. Under the mask of an aristocratic lady or a fatal seductress, a true self is hiding, which the heroine of the picture does not show to anyone.

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