Description of the painting by Peter Zabolotsky “Portrait of M. Yu. Lermontov in the mentality of the Life Guards of the Hussars Regiment”

Description of the painting by Peter Zabolotsky “Portrait of M. Yu. Lermontov in the mentality of the Life Guards of the Hussars Regiment”

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Portrait of a student. Mikhail Yuryevich took painting lessons from a recognized master. Art historians have a half dozen images of the poet, made during the life of various artists, but this is the most popular. Lermontov in the Life Guards uniform is familiar from the school bench. The portrait was ordered by the grandmother of a Russian playwright.

Before turning to the image, take a look at the background of the picture. Behind Lermontov’s back, we see puffs of smoke and flashes of flame, as if on a battlefield. The portrait dates from January - February 1838. But at this time the poet was in St. Petersburg, and only then went to the location of the regiment in the Caucasus.

In the image of Lermontov on canvas, Peter Zabolotsky emphasizes the correct facial features and the standard appearance of the guardsman. According to contemporaries, the poet really corresponded to her. The young man was considered a military man, but preferred a civilian lifestyle. The artist also hints at this. In the picture, the poet does not have a shako (headdress), the guard mentic is open. In the existing military unit, a strict reprimand could be obtained for this. A carefree look and a half smile complete the look.

Despite the inconsistencies of reality, the portrait of Peter Zabolotsky was almost the most successful. Experts emphasize the incredible realism of the image of a young officer who has earned the respect and love of the public as a poet, playwright and prose writer.

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