Description of the painting Jean-Honore Fragonard "Bathers"

Description of the painting Jean-Honore Fragonard

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The French artist Jean Honore Fragonard was known for his paintings in the Rococo style and neoclassicism. Frequent heroes of his paintings are almost heavenly romantic couples, playing characters whose dresses fly around the picture and give the impression of airy and colorful clouds.

The painting of the Bather, which was created between 1772 and 1775, was no exception. The images of the beauties conceal a lightness and a certain eroticism, give the picture musical poetry. The celestial creatures are represented in almost naked form, the rays of the sun fall on them, which poured the general background into a golden color, which gives the canvas a certain regality. Bathers' nudity is modestly covered by water, coastal herbs, and tree foliage. Dynamism is read in every movement Fragonard conveys to us - massive trees leaning in the wind, lying grass, flying materials, they seem to be dresses of bathers, and clouds that have accumulated in a tight pile, telling us about the onset of bad weather.

Fragonard is characterized by gallant - erotic motifs, which are well shown in the picture in question. He draws the forms of girls with the help of wide strokes, trees and grass were created by sharp strokes of the brush and strokes. At the same time, pure color goes well with a mixed palette in which there is black, almost night light and pearly white shades, giving the impression of an unfinished day.

In bathers, material beauty and theatrical entertainment are combined, which betrays the whole composition with easy perception.

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