Description of the painting by Pavel Nikonov “Our everyday life”

Description of the painting by Pavel Nikonov “Our everyday life”

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Painting Our everyday life is the first and most significant work of Pavel Nikonov. The work was written in 1960, at a time when it was customary to connect the name of Stalin with all the troubles of the country in the past, when the construction of communism was in full swing and the Soviet people believed that happiness was in the everyday life that surrounded them. As shown by this time Nikonov?

On the canvas, the builders of the state district power station are going to fulfill their duty, but these characters are as if not heroized. Strict, weathered, frozen, sharp and not beautiful facial features evoked condemnation in higher circles - can Soviet people be so, the builders of communism are so severe? The work was banned, the artist was condemned by everyone who was lazy and not lazy, but after 10 years they began to perceive it with completely different eyes and the government persistently asked the Kazakh Museum to return the painting back to Moscow.

The wave of indignation excited and the general appearance of the canvas, it was unusual to see the rough and cut corners of the car body, men sitting among barrels and wire, in the background men felts pushing the car, roofing felts try to jump into it, and the dullness of colors to this day leads the viewer is sad and feeling that something was not so rosy as our relatives describe him.

Yes, they are busy with important business, yes, the future depends on them, in a sense. They are an example for their contemporaries, but then it was perceived as something that did not fit with the concept of communism, because it was customary to consider that all working people are happy and satisfied with their position, even in the paintings.

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