Description of the painting by Odilon Redon "Flowers"

Description of the painting by Odilon Redon

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A talented artist named Odilon Redon, who lived from 1840 to 1916, can cause a separate and very strong interest among those who like impressionism most of all, the impressionists themselves and those paintings that depict flowers. At first it might seem that in Redon’s works there is nothing unusual or exciting with its colors, but this is only at first glance.

In reality, he, like any talented artist in any of the areas, has his own unusual features and his own manner. We are talking about the features and uniqueness of the image of objects, plants or ordinary events from everyday life.

And there is nothing in the world more interesting, alive and at the same time simple, than the flowers and nature that surround each person throughout life. All of them are familiar, but the work of this man is unique in that he has his own vision and symbolism, even in colors. And in a number of paintings with flowers, connoisseurs of creativity can note some otherworldly details.

The artist’s diary even has one entertaining entry: to paint - to create your own unique substances for the sake of especially inner feelings. In the same way, nature creates for a long time diamonds, sapphires or gold. The same effect can be achieved due to the innate gift of sensuality. That is, this gift cannot be acquired.

In fact, Redon’s flowers are unique images that are most similar to human visions, and not to real objects. Each such picture combines compositions, images and visions of the creator. For this reason, most of the work becomes not only specific, but also, as many connoisseurs and critics report, a little abstruse for the ordinary understanding of the average viewer.

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