Description of the painting by Giovanni Tiepolo "Feast of Cleopatra"

Description of the painting by Giovanni Tiepolo

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From a young age, the artist Giovanni Batista Tiepolo experienced an irresistible craving for world history. He read a lot of works about people's lives in the past, swallowed piles of works of art on this subject. That's the plot of his masterpiece "Cleopatra's Feast" Tiepolo took from the study guide of the writer Pliny St. In the book Natural History, the Roman Pliny reflected many interesting cases.

He paid much attention in his works to the queen of Ancient Egypt - the bewitching Cleopatra. According to available data, the ruler was insanely rich. She owned a huge amount of gold, jewelry, valuable objects. The highlight of her collection were 2 pearls, which had gigantic dimensions. The queen commanded them to make earrings.

Once a gambling Cleopatra started a dispute with her lover, the famous military commander of Rome, Mark Anthony. The woman claimed to be able to spend a large amount while eating. Winning the ruler helped natural cunning and a sharp mind. Cleopatra poured a little wine vinegar into the glass, and then threw one of the stunning pearls into it. When the jewelry dissolved, she drank the resulting drink with pleasure. Another version says that she swallowed the whole earring. One way or another, but the victory went to Cleopatra.

It was this story that served as the plot for the painting by Tiepolo. The plot is made in warm, soft shades. Details are drawn subtly and meticulously. At the moment, the painting, dated 1743-44 years, is in the National Museum of Melbourne.

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