Description of the painting “Martiros Saryan's Still Life”

Description of the painting “Martiros Saryan's Still Life”

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Martiros Sergeevich Saryan used tempera to write his still life, it is thanks to this mixture that such brightness and colorfulness, richness of color are achieved. A large bouquet of fragrant flowers seems to occupy the entire space of a still life, and despite all the original contents of the name of this genre, the composition looks more alive and rich in dynamic colors than ever before. A variety of flowers are contained in these magnificent bouquets, it is difficult to imagine what kind of aroma reigns in the room where the artist painted his picture.

The buds filled with aroma and brightness ripen in a matter of seconds, balanced due to the calm background, which hardly attracts the attention of the viewer. It is extremely difficult to find two identical flowers in Saryan. All of them are unique in color shades and structure. The bouquets are symbolized by the variety of oriental flavor, they in unison sing the most various songs of the peoples of the east.

The picture is devoid of excess space, that is, thanks to the motley colors, we will not see the extensive “gaps” in its composition, it is all filled with lush flowering and the charm of wildflowers. That is why Martiros Sergeyevich Saryan is often called the artist-creator of large-format panels. The color painting of a still life can rightfully be considered Central Asian, since all the images, small details look charmingly primitive, however, simplified images convey the spirit of the eastern peoples most reliably - incredibly diverse in all their manifestations, loud, sometimes flashy and, of course, festively bright.

In addition, it is known for certain that at the time of writing this still life, the artist visited Persia, from where he drew inspiration for writing such a bright, colorful canvas.

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