Description of the Soviet poster "Ready for work and defense"

Description of the Soviet poster

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One of the notable features of the Soviet era was the desire for a healthy lifestyle. He was promoted through high-profile slogans, television, public gatherings and, of course, through propaganda posters.

It was a whole world that reflected the essence and meaning of the Soviet government, which wanted to bring the country to the highest level.

Posters agitated people not to drink, lead a healthy lifestyle and, of course, play sports. So, the series “Ready for Labor and Defense” was created.

On January 17, 1972, a resolution was created that contained a number of norms.

They indicated that a Soviet citizen should be a strong, athletic person. For successes in the TRP they even gave badges that could be either silver or gold.

Almost all citizens could participate in the Soviet program, since people aged 10 to 60 could participate in a kind of competition with themselves.

The labor and defense program provided for a very serious set of exercises that made a person physically very strong. Get the badge was not so simple.

For example, for a certain time it was necessary to run a distance, make jumps from a tower, throw the load farthest. Most citizens sought to comply with the TRP program.

Nowadays, a healthy lifestyle also becomes relevant and fashionable. More and more young people are trying to play sports, refusing alcohol and smoking. The dynamics towards a healthy lifestyle is getting better when compared with the past 90s.

Of course, in our high-tech age, the relevance of posters such as "Ready to work defense" could also be the case. Indeed, many would like to look as proud. Russian people have always been very strong and strong. And we have something to learn from the Soviet people.

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