Description of the painting by Oleg Popovich “Not taken for fishing”

Description of the painting by Oleg Popovich “Not taken for fishing”

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O.V. Popovich in his works showed real everyday subjects. The painting “They Didn’t Take Fishing” reflects the living conditions of that time.

A modest dwelling, with sprinkled plaster and a wooden door. The house is surrounded by a fence made of branches. Hens run around the yard, and clothes dry on the fence.

The painter very accurately conveyed the everyday situation, the boy’s modest clothes and bare feet create an impression of need and lack. The main character of the canvas is about four years old. The boy is very upset and pouted, he can cry from resentment. Although the hero shows a masculine character and holds on, he turned away so that no one would see his tears.

The older brothers went fishing, but they didn’t take him, but he was getting ready like that, he took a bucket. Perhaps, in the bucket lies the fish bait, which he prepared in advance and now the sly rooster wants to profit, but the boy does not notice this either.

The little sister looks at the hero and sympathizes with him, empathy on her face. The brothers are heading to the river, one brother turned around and apparently worried that it all happened.

A paddle in the hands of an older brother suggests that fishing will be serious and on the water, perhaps because of this little boy they did not take to the river, because it is dangerous. Despite the tragedy of the situation, the picture is pleasant and not depressing.

The tragedy of the child seems naively sweet and even funny, because in fact the situation is not tragic, but for the child this offense seems to be widespread.

The artist very accurately conveyed the mood of village life, the life of an ordinary village family. In the modern life of computer technology, such a crazy desire to go fishing is difficult for children to understand.

The hobby of village boys is based on everyday joys, life seems simple and understandable, and everyday difficulties do not interfere with the entertainment of ordinary village boys.

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