Description of the painting by Vladimir Orlovsky “In the Field”

Description of the painting by Vladimir Orlovsky “In the Field”

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Before us is the grandiose creation of a true master. Orlovsky depicts, at first glance, an unremarkable landscape. We see a field traditional for Russia. In the foreground is grass of green and yellow colors.

On the left you can see plots of land without grass. They are scorched by the sun. If we pay attention to the middle plan, we will see small bushes of a juicy green shade. In the background stands a century-old forest.

The viewer feels that the artist loves that corner of nature that he depicts. The particular color of this canvas is impressive. If in the foreground each leaf and blade of grass are quite clearly registered, then in the background the trees merge into dark spots of saturated blue and green colors. The picture is dominated by shades of green and brown.

The artist depicts one of the sunny summer days. White clouds are floating across the faded sky. We do not see the sun. But at the same time, the canvas was watered by him as if from the inside. All of it emits a special light. The audience creates a truly joyful mood.

Orlovsky managed to see a special charm in the ordinary landscape. His picture is deliberately fragmented. It seems that this is part of some kind of big masterpiece. The painter wanted to emphasize the traditionality of this picture.

The breadth of scope and the special skill of the artist are impressive. His brush works real miracles. Orlovsky not only depicts what he saw, but also conveys his attitude to this landscape. We feel that he truly loves this Russian field. It is simple and discreet. But precisely in this lies its true charm.

Only a true master can notice this. It is enough to stop and look around to penetrate the secrets of nature. Orlovsky succeeded. He invites viewers to notice this splendor and comprehend the special charm of native landscapes. It is so simple.

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