Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “Stone Age”

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “Stone Age”

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Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov in 1884 began work on a series of paintings, which he called "The Stone Age". The idea of ​​writing such compositions belonged to the archaeologist, Alexei Uvarov, who proposed the work to Vasnetsov. As a result, several paintings were created, which the artist combined into panels. Now they are in the State Historical Museum, in Moscow.

Vasnetsov was able to very realistic depict the life of ancient people. It shows about everyday activities such as hunting, feasting, ritual activities. Surprisingly, Viktor Vasnetsov managed to write this on a fairly large canvas.

The Stone Age shows us how ancient people looked. The artist depicted a bunch of people, all of them in loincloths. Their hair is thawed. Their bodies are swarthy and muscular. In the center is the leader. He is the tallest and strongest of men. His face is stern, and his hands are holding weapons. The rest are sitting around.

A woman repairs clothes, other men sharpen spears, and one of the hunters even aims out of the bow at flying birds. Several people drink from clay pots, and some just sit as if they are playing some kind of game. There is also a child in the picture. This is a boy who is surprised to observe the actions of an old man. A gray-haired old man is sharpening a stick.

The panel is painted in oil. Vasnetsov specifically did not use bright colors in order to make everything look natural. Brown, beige, white - the artist took all these colors from nature itself.

Vasnetsov very carefully thought out every movement of the heroes. He consulted with historians, art historians, archaeologists. As a result, he managed to convey the atmosphere of the ancient world. The painting "Stone Age" can truly be considered one of the most reliable, from a historical point of view, paintings.

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