Description of the painting Apollinaria Vasnetsova "Homeland"

Description of the painting Apollinaria Vasnetsova

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At first glance, it may seem that Vasnetsov depicted a completely unremarkable picture of nature. But it was this picture that became a serious application for the image of the image of the whole country as a whole, we see the usual landscape of a Russian village. But he is so truthful and sincere that the viewer understands that the whole of Russia stretches before him.

The nature of the homeland becomes a real heroine. She is like a living being. The canvas becomes incredibly realistic. It is relevant not only for the time of Vasnetsov, but also for our days.

Before us is an absolutely ordinary picture, which is absolutely not attractive for anything special. Hills stretch overgrown with rare bushes. They are illuminated by the mean rays of the sun, seeking to boldly break through the clouds floating across the vast sky. The canvas is supplemented by poor houses of peasants with characteristic thatched roofs. The viewer sees a lone well, a small rural church. Everything is completely quiet, invisible not a soul. There is complete silence, which impresses with its breadth.

The image is commonplace. But in this picture you can feel how the artist admires this nature. Long-suffering Russia is very simple. But precisely in this lies its pride and power. We feel the earth breathing, and involuntarily join this greatness of the motherland.

Impressive gamma paintings in gray-green tones. It is necessary in order to maximize the feeling of uniformity. Very often the depicted plain created a sense of flatness. Vasnetsov seeks to avoid this. Using completely simple tricks for this. That is why he highlights the plan in the very center of the picture.

A timid ray of sun glides between the hills. The monotony of boring colors suddenly miraculously flares up and is significantly enriched. The landscape gains true depth and becomes truly voluminous.

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