Description of the painting by Peter Rubens “The Court of Paris”

Description of the painting by Peter Rubens “The Court of Paris”

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Rubens wrote a number of magnificent paintings on this popular story from ancient times. Why was he attracted to this topic? The artist liked that it was possible to portray naked female bodies against a grandiose background of a magnificent landscape.

We see Paris. He is dressed in a traditional shepherd outfit. He carefully examines the three beauties. They are completely naked. Nothing should be distracted from a responsible choice. We see that Paris really likes the three goddesses. The grace of their poses is impressive. In the hands of Mercury is a coveted apple. It will be the reward.

Venus is depicted accompanied by her son Cupid, Athena with an owl, and Hera with an unchanging peacock. We see how meek are all three goddesses. It seems that they are quite calmly waiting for the decision of Paris. It seems that nothing at all foreshadows the disastrous consequences that led to the choice made by Paris. As you know, it was it that led to the start of the Three Devastating War.

Who is Paris? This is the son of King Troy Priam. Even at birth, he was predicted that because of him the whole country would die. The father gave the order that the baby be accommodated. The servant took pity on the child and simply left him on the mountain. Shepherds found a child and raised.

Paris must decide which goddess is the most beautiful. The golden apple has become a prize. Juno promised him the opportunity to become a powerful ruler; Minerva promised that he would be a great hero. Venus promised the love of a beautiful woman. The choice of Paris was predetermined. He decided to call Venus the beauty. But the other two goddesses were very offended. Paris decides to just abduct Elena. As a result, the war began, as a result of which Troy was completely destroyed.

The richness of colors and the rich color of the Rubens painting is impressive. He was able to masterfully convey the beauty of the female body and the splendor of pristine nature.

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